CircleCI orb to block/queue jobs to enforce max concurrency limits

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CircleCI Concurrency Control Orb

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CircleCI Orb to limit workflow concurrency.

Why? Some jobs (typically deployments) need to run sequentially and not parallel, but also run to completion. So CircleCI’s native auto-cancel is not quite the right fit. See as an example using blue/green cloud foundry deployments.

Basic Usage

This adds concurrency limits by ensuring any jobs with this step will only continue once no previous builds are running. It supports a single argument of how many minutes to wait before aborting itself and it requires a single Environment Variable CIRCLECI_API_KEY - which can be created in account settings.

Screenshots / Examples

Suppose we have a workflow take takes a little while to run. Normally the build (#18) will run immediately, with no queuing. no queuing if only active build

Someone else on the team makes another commit, since the first build (#18) is still running, it will queue build #19. no queuing if only active build

It’s late afternoon, everyone is pushing their commits in to ensure they are good before they leave for the day. Build #20 also queues. no queuing if only active build

Meanwhile, build #19 is now allowed to move forward since build #18 finished.

no queuing if only active build

Oh No! Since 1 minute is abnormally long for things to be queued, build #20 aborts itself, letting build #19 finish uninterrupted.

no queuing if only active build


See for current examples


Queueing is not supported on forked repos. If a queue from a fork happens the queue will immediately exit and the next step of the job will begin.